Frequently Asked Questions of Ultra MPEG-4 Converter Guide

1. Where can I found the output files after the conversion?
You can find the output files on the "Output Folder", the default output folder for this program is "c:\video_output". And you can change the "Output Folder" by click the "Browse..." button.

2. I just want to backup my video file on my PC. What is the best choice of the output format for me to choose? I just want to play it on my PC and I would like to get the smallest size with better quality.
Generally speaking, we recommend AVI output by our program. The default codec for AVI in our program is DivX, which can provide better quality as well as smaller output size. If you just want to backup your video file on your hard drive, you'd better select AVI.

3. What about if I convert a file into same format several times saving in the same output folder without setting different output names respectively? Can it save the output files in different titles automatically.
It can just do this job. For example, if your file is called "movie.3gp" and you want to convert it to AVI format, after the first conversion job, the output file will be named as "movie.avi". If you do the same conversion job again, out program will generate a file, called "movie-0.avi". And also, if you perform a third conversion, the third output file will be "movie-1.avi". It means it will produce files in different titles each time in this way.

4. After I finish the conversion to AVI/DivX, I can only get the audio playback in Windows Media Player while it shows that I need download certain codec. No video can be watched. Why?
It's because you do not have the DivX codec installed on your PC, please download DivX codec from for free, After the installation, Windows Media Player will be able to play AVI files produced by our program.

5. I just want a clip/segment of my video files. Is it possible?
Yes, it can do it just fine. You need set "Start Time" and "End Time" to get the clip you want. First of all, you should highlight the loaded file in the program, and then check "Edit Start Time And End Time" item in menu by clicking right mouse.

6. Can I change the audio volume for the output media file?
Yes, you can fina a "Audio Volume" combobox on right side of the main window.

7. Is it possible to save the "Output Format" with the modified settings as a new one for use next time?
Yes. After you finish the modifications, please click right side of the "Setting..." buton and then select "Save As..." menu. After the new "Output Format" is created, it will be shown on the "User Defined" sub menu, and you can delete or re-name it as you like.

8. After I convert my video files to PSP, what should I do to get the output files transferred to my PSP properly so that I can watch the movie on it? Do I need to rename them?
No, the program has done it automatically. Just copy the folder named "MP_ROOT" that were created by our converter into the PSP root folder.

9. I have finished the conversion to iPod; what do I need to do so that I can transfer the output files into my iPod?
Do you have iTunes installed? It is a must. Please download it from The transferring job must be done by this tool. For more details about this job, maybe the support information offered by Apple site would also help.

10. When I watch the output files on my iPod, every certain minutes, the video would freeze for a couple of seconds, and then the audio will disappear when the playback resume. I have to rewind the iPod to get the audio again. Why? It does not happen on iTunes and QuickTime.
Please check which firmware of iPod you are using. If it is in V1.1, you would have such problem. Please upgrade its firmware to V1.1.1 released on Mar 23 2006 by Apple from After that, the playback will be smooth on your iPod.

11. I have successfully converted some files to AVI format. But when I watch them on my PC, I always see a DivX logo at the bottom of the playback screen. Is it possible to avoid it?
The default video codec for AVI output in our program is DivX. So you will see such a logo during the playback. If you do not like it, please select "xvid" as video codec on the main interface. We provide "XviD Movie (*.AVI)" output, which will also assure an excellent AVI output.

12. I have many files to convert. How can I import them simultaneously? It means I want to import many files by one time.
You'd better put all your files into one folder and open it with our software. Multi-selection is available by pressing "CTRL" key and highlighting them at same time. Actually, our software supports "dragging to load". It means you can select all the files you want to convert in the Window and then drag them into the program. Our software will get them loaded automatically. It is quite convenient.

13. How to support RM/RMVB files?
You need to install RealPlayer. Download it from

14. How to support MKV files?
You need to install Matroska Pack Full. Download it from

15. When i import a video file, it throw out "No decodor to decode this video file", Why?
It is because of there is not CODEC for this video file in your system. You can install K-Lite Codec Pack on our recommendation. It is a free software for you. You can download it form